Women in Movement


Capturing women channeling the core of who they are via their intimate chosen practices of artistic creation, Women in Movement is an exploration of the source energy that sets our souls on fire—a study of raw, unapologetic, and relentless expression. Shot over many moons, each short film features a female artist at one with her artistic practice, in harmony with the discipline that she had dedicated herself to in times of pleasure and pain. Beyond the beauty of all creation lies both calm and chaos. Women in Movement honours the unseen torments we must transcend to embody a perfectly-tainted, inner tranquility, a state of being that allows us to become liberated from the limitations that hold our spirits hostage, so that we may harness our bodies as vessels of perpetual creation. Set free in flesh, bone, and body. We are women in movement.




" Truth be told to move and dance is a blessing and a curse. I’m able bodied and privileged enough to physicalise and actualise my internal self and to then share this or ‘externally express’ this is pretty special. It’s a love hate relationship to know your body’s limitations and capabilities I often think I’m deranged to still remain so curious about movement...but I’m hooked. I think I’ll dance til’ I die" ~ Kathrine



" Playing my instrument has taught me to be mindful of every fine movement my body is capable of. I have to control every nerve ending from my chest down to my fingertips, to fully express what I think the music is trying to say. It’s a meditative practice that requires my full attention and complete surrender." ~ Eileen 



" Painting is my place to process emotions, to work through trauma. It pulls out my thoughts and worries and rids them of their shame. Allows them their voice, their place of expression. When I paint I fall into an embodied state, devoid of a critical mind. It is my place to play and dance and trip and make a mess. I use colour and abstract mark-making to accept the washes of grief that ruminate within and explode at random." ~ Maya 



"As my hands move freely to create a shape I move towards a state of softness. It quietens my mind leaving me composed and at ease when working with the medium of clay. Although it can be physically tiring, I am equally nourished and rewarded as I know some part of me heals in the process too."~ Alicia



"Pole is my soul play. Connecting my heart to my Creativity, my Vulnerability to my Strength. Flowing in and out of my Air element, sensual expression and fierce feminine." ~Nada

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